Math Buzz consists of a group of facilitators who are committed to make math fun and rewarding for young learners.

We believe the use and understanding of mathematics should begin at an early age.

Our Courses

Math Buzz

School based curriculum program.

Abacus Math

Learners work on their own pace.

Lekker Lees Land

Learning to read the right way.

What We Do

  • Extra CAPS Mathematics lessons and Phonics for Nursery and Primary Schools
  • Interactive and dynamic classes from 3 years of age up to Grade 7
  • We focus on small classes and personal attention in several nursery schools and schools, as well as to our own center
  • Promotion of confidence in math and phonics
  • We start at an early age, and build a good foundation
  • Different classes can be combined
  • Different learning and capturing methods for different learners


The story of Math Buzzz begins 10 years ago. No . . . actually this story begins long before that. This story begins with a little girl afraid of math.

She was scared of the math teacher but most of all she was afraid of trying and failing. This little girl believed she couldn’t do math at all and she would never be able to do math because she was just not good at it. Worst of all, she was told math is not important and that she will probably never use math in her daily life, so, she doesn’t need it.

Growing up this little girl realised numbers and patterns are part of everything that we are and do. It is everywhere, in nature, in business, in science, in life . . . From the financial professions to medical professions, from farming to teaching, from theology to art, from computer science to programming – we all need it every day, every hour, every minute . . .

"We're making mathematics fun!"

Why Register Your Child?​

Increase Grades​

The main goal is to improve on their grades so that they can follow their dreams one day.


Knowing and understanding their work will lessen the stress and anxiety before tests or homework.

Free Time

Your child will learn to accomplish and learn more in less time. Freeing up more time for them to play!

business opportunity

The facilitators use the MathBuzzz range of foundation books for preschool students and a crafty set of mind maps for schoolaged students. We have had endless success stories can only be thankful and very proud.

We have well trained Facilitators and Franchise owners make a difference day. In our centres across North West and other regions we raise the standard of math, touch lives. Children learn to speak the language and they love it!

You can make a difference where you are! Contact us for more information on owning your own franchise.