This year we had our second annual camp and the students participated in activities such as building a raft, testing it on the Vaal River, tubing down the river and shooting bow and arrow. Besides these team building activities the students also had fun with an egg hunt and a movie night.


MathBuzz students eagerly participated in helping to preserve their environment. In order to create visual awareness of our daily plastic waste, each team made at least 1 [what?] that can also be reused in low cost housing projects. We are very proud of our students!   


The teams were named by colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange and led by our own facilitators. There was a friendly competition between them, from the youngest Grade R up to the Grade 7 students, as they participated in several fun activities. 


Yes, we will definitely have a camp in 2020 and we are already looking forward to it! The MathBuzz team will keep you up to date with regards to the date and the online registrations! 


The campsite was absolutely amazing, with a team who provided in every need and supported us in every situation. We absolutely have to mention the food . . . glorious food.
Absolutely amazing. “Thank you Chris!”


The main focus of the camp is obviously doing math. Each student received a book with math activities set out. Rotating between the facilitators, the students were introduced to practical math. They enjoyed every session.      

photos of buzzcamp 2019