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Math Buzz focuses on laying the foundation of math from as early as three. It is imperative that young learners enjoy math, love math and do math! 

Math is all around us, it is a language that is universal problem solving is a language that we all need to learn to speak.

We are facilitators of a math programme with a holistic approach to early childhood development, with a focus on creative problem solving and logical reasoning.

Without this foundation develop the ability or the skills to:


We are dedicated to changing lives in terms of math education as well as basic Afrikaans Klankies.


We are facilitators of a learning experience and to also constantly develop our own skills in various areas.


We really care and try our best to make  a difference when it comes to how children think about math.

Math is the basic path of every possible career in your child’s future since it is not only about the career itself but about life skills that cannot be unlearned. The above-mentioned list of skills  merely drop in the bucket – the list is endless , child will need some mathematical skills to rise above the ever changing . 

This is our passion – helping your child to explore the different outcomes of basic math through fun and play. This is where the foundation of problem-solving abilities starts – as early as possible.

Ultimately our goal is to make math enjoyable and exiting even before  starts with formal school. Sensory learning gives us this advantage he students explore and use a wide range of equipment and are eventually introduced to conceptualisation of abstract numbers. 

The facilitators use the MathBuzzz range of foundation books for preschool students and a crafty set of mind maps for schoolaged students. We have had endless success stories can only be thankful and very proud.

We have well trained Facilitators and Franchise owners make a difference day. In our centres across North West and other regions we raise the standard of math, touch lives. Children learn to speak the language and they love it!

You can make a difference where you are!

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